An amazing experience in Spain

Cathedral de San Salvador1
Cathedral de San Salvador, Oviedo Spain

Hi, I’m Narine Musayelyan from Armenia.  On 3 of November I arrived in Oviedo, Spain as a European volunteer and will stay here for 9 months.  In this blog you can read about my experience as a European citizen in Spain, as a volunteer and traveler.

I was welcomed in Conseyu de la moceda d’Uvieu. The organization is like a family. There you can see love to their work, to society and to each other. Soon my colleagues became my friends. With their help I started to explore a new Spain, as it turned out that what I know from Spain, all were from the South. Yes, the North is quite different with unique nature, culture, food and traditions.

Spain is a country of regions with big differences and of course some similarities, like jamon, tortilla and paella. Here in Asturias the most popular and typical thing is sidra.

I tried it on my first day in Oviedo. I liked the way it was poured. I couldn’t resist the temptation and wanted to do it by my self. I confess it was really difficult.

Let’s see how sidra is poured.maxresdefault

It was also interesting that people round the table drink sidra from the same glass.


23.11.15-28.11.15 was my on – arrival training in Toledo. We lived in a castle and used every minute to see the city.

Toledo (view from the castle)


Cathedral of Toledo

The training helped us to understand what we want, how we can do it, what tools can be used, what we can give and get.


These days were crazy, intensive and amazing. The atmosphere was so great that in the end it was difficult to say good by to others.





















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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