First days in my hosting organization

Meeting with my host organization, my coordinator and other volunteers was long-awaited as it had taken really long to get visa and arrive in Spain.

From the entrance you can see what Conseyu is involved in. Various projects referring to people with disabilities, problems of young people, sexual equality are proofs of its efficient work, care for young people and concern for equal relations.

On my first day in Oviedo I took part in a meeting which was held in the “Facultad de Economia y Empresa” and refers to alternative types of prison and punishments. It was a range of meetings and each day there were different speakers.

Every Monday was a day for a documental film, and quiz after it.

The end of November was indelible. The event ‘‘without limits’’ which took place on 30th of November gave a strong message to all “the limits you have only in your head”. Musicians, dancers, singers with disabilities shocked the audience their professionality. It was one in long range of events that Conseyu organized referring to people with disabilities and attitude of community.


This year my hosting organization cooperates with Red Cross Asturias (Cruz Roja Juventud Asturias) and their volunteer (that’s me) also is considered a volunteer in Cruz Roja .

In Red Cross I had expected to find care and love to children, teenagers and adults and I found it. In whole varieties of programs referring to young people I was allowed to choose which one I wanted to take part in.

In Red Cross my first active action became the meeting in Aviles on violence against women. It was organized for volunteers from Oviedo, Aviles and Gijon.


Next programs I took part in were different and but interesting too. Aulas Infantiles. The project aims to work with children while their parents are working, that is help to do lessons, make environment for their development as a member of a community.

The program Animacia Hospitalaria aims to help children overcome difficulties in hospital with games, painting, ´sport´ and other activities.


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