December – new habits and new lifestyle


December was a time for dipper understanding of work, my two organizations and Spanish lifestyle. It started with excitement.

I visited Cudillero with my friend and colleague Noe. There I learn much about Asturias.

Me and Noe in Cudillero
Playing in the beach with Loby

Here is one the most memorable things typical to the region-Horreo. It’s a small building near a house where people used to keep their food, drinks, seeds. Orrio is well protected from cold and hot weather and of course rats.


And madreñas – in rainy weather which has Asturias madrenias are the best for the work in a garden.


I guess we used to see horses from Andalucia – so tall, slim and beautiful. But not for Asturias. Here is another type of horses, best for mountains. It’s Asturcon. And only with the help of asturcons Asturians could win the Arabs.


After that stared the process of conquering all Spain.


New habits and new lifestyle in Spain

In December I started to get used to thing like having a siesta from 2 to 5 o’clock, drinking coffee with milk and greeting people with two kisses (several days ago I met a friend from my country and we greeted each other in Spanish way :DDDD).


Conseyu de la moceda d’Uvieu

The beginning of the month was full of events. The first one that I took part in was a meeting in the Faculty of Pedagogy. The speakers discussed with the future teachers the problems of people with disabilities, social integration and inclusion.


The next one was my event “An Armenian day in Oviedo”. It was a cultural event – presentation about country, food, literature and dances.

This was my first attempt to speak Spanish. Not just speak but tell about a country.


Cruz Roja

In December I started my active participation in the projects Aulas Infantiles and Animacia Hospitalaria. Working with kids demands patience, love and passion. Starting to work I saw how big work people in these project.

On 4 of December we celebrated The International day of volunteers in the hospital with all organizations who have volunteers in Hospital of Oviedo.


And on 23 of December there was a Christmas party in Corredoria Arena for the children of the project of Aulas Infantiles.



And of course, trip to Santander and Bilbao

Light house, Santander

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