January – work and travel


In all EVS projects volunteers pass the same stages in their staying in a diffenet country. Yes, That’s right. Each of us thinks that with us everything will be different. But we all have the same experience.

In Christmass or New Year party I felt that I missed my country, my parents and my friends. It was a nice feeling as it gave warmth not sadness.


Another gift from EVS is frendship. We gain many friends from many countries, and … good hosts to visit.

In the beginning of January I had a guest – another valunteer in Spain from Austria. She has her project in Toledo.

We had a good time toghether.

With Katja In Oviedo celebrating cabalgata



And just after cabalgata I met other valunteer friends in Madrid. These days were awesome.12489272_1067609956622867_8475867890081808214_o

Palacio de Cristal del Retiro, Madrid

Back to Oviedo I started my work. In a project Aulas Infantiles I decided to make a game for children for practising maths. They need to “jamp the numbers” from 0 to 100 counting 5 by 5.


First the game seemed to children a bit difficult, but soon I saw their teamwork.


It was really fan. In the me and other vounteers also tooke part in the game.

Recently I found this picture. It’s so funny and presents the parts of Spain perfectly.


I forget to tell about my visit to Gijon to meet other volunteers in Conseyu de la mocedad de Gijon (me-Conseyu de la mocedad de Oviedo).

I was told about the organization, their activity and  life in a new country (Spain). We went for a walk along the bech and had lunch there, in a nice Asturian restaurante.


The restaurante was decorated by most typical asturian thing – sidra.


Two weeks later we went to Bilbao together. The journey was unforgettable. You can fell the difference walking in the street. Art is everywhere in that city.






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  1. Երեխաների համար կազմակերպված խաղը լավ էր մտածված և ուսանելի է. այն ինձ շատ դուր եկավ:


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