February – time with friends

I usually don’t expect much from February. Don’t know why. But it always tends to be one of the most interesting months in a year.

In Spain it’s the the for carnavals!!!!!!!!! Spain is in fiestas for a whole week. Some people say that it’s like a Hallween. But not. First it has Christianity in its core and second Carnaval is more artistic, with more topics to dress up and and for me more kind  fiesta.

Me and my volunteer friends from Gijon and from Aviles made a group to take part in carnaval in Aviles.


Here I was kind of vampire. By the way our group was an international one. We had young people from Rumania, Portugal, Germany, Scotland, Poland, Denmark, Armenia, Ukraine and Venesuela.

We had the same group in Gijon.

I was black swam

And this was our group.


Step by step we became a group – an international group, because we were from Spain, Germany, UK, Hitherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Romania and Armenia. And with the same staff we went to Covandonga and Picos de Europa to enjoy the paradise.

We hired a house in Triongo- a small village in mountains.From the first moment you could fell that the house had been biult just for you. Jejejejej.


The group was the same when we visited MUJA (Museo del Jurásico de Asturias).

To say the truth I had expected much more. Of course the museum was nice, just examples were not originals, information was not enought.


febuary ended as good as it had started. A trip to Alicante. Yes, that city has a soul. I enjoyed the time with my friends. What was new for me, was that there were many musicians playing in the street, and playing so good.



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