March/April -time with myself

I haven’t writen for 2 months and haven’t even tried. Now I’m thinking back what happened and the first thing that comes to my mind is that I had 2 great months full of new emotions.

I start to realize more what is actually volunteering, understand deeper. I’ve always thought that is changing the things that you don’t like or you want to make them better. yes that is, but also more. It’sproccess of changing yourself.

With friends I had trips to different part of Asturias and outside of Asturias, but the trip alone to Pamplona and Zaragza made the biggest impact on me.

It was my first trip alone. It took me much strenght to decide doing it alone but thank to my cordinator I started the trip. he decision was difficult cause I had thought I was lost so easily, I was not attentive enough, I could not speak good Spanish, and fears  like this. The biggest result of my trip was self confidence. Of couse the cities were beautiful, with history, with traditions, with their fame but in this trip they were in the second plan.

I discovered that I can find my way in different situations, communicate with people in Spanish (I was happy enought to realize that that my Spanish was better that I had thought) and one bigger thing – trying to find a possitive thing in every “hard” situation. Oy so many thoughts 🙂

But actually the cities were perfect, they met me with open hands (for a hug). I spoke to people, admired the cities.


And rainy Zaragoza…


aaaaaa, forget to tell about my project in Grado. the idea started as a multicultural friends dinner, cause here in Asturas we got good friends with volunteers from different countries. So the plan started to get biger and biger and in the end we decided to make an event. There my cordinator Lisi came to help me with the place, with guests, and withh all organizational things. Then my Spanish professor Hugo joined us (he is from Grado) and after all discussions Grado was selected as a place to make the event.

Songs, dances, games and food from 10 different countries. The event was really big with speacial brochures, articles in local newspaner and so many participants.

Here is the poster


Just after that I took plane and flied to Malaga for my midterm evaluation. For days of intensive trainings, many hours of various activities and crazy nice time with new but already close friends. Maybe we were in the same situations, we had so many similarities and that made us feel like close friends. Also travelling together after the training.

O, that travelling… I just loved Andalucia. Malaga, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz … there are incredible.

Feel like at home




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