June – memories for life

In May I had the feeling ¨my God the time is running, how I´ll manage to acomplish the things I want¨. Yeah, that was it. Trips, events, work … all together gave impression that more time is needed. June put everything in its place. And of course with surprises. Previous volunteers in cmx (Ana from Rumania and Joao from Portugal) made a ¨secret¨ visit.

It was ¨la noche de San Juan¨ and we gathered in Carorina´s house (volunteer in Gijon) to go to the party together. We were waiting for a friend of our friend. The doorbell rang and Carorina went to open. We heard Carorina saying ¨Hola¨ and the 5 seconds later ¨O my God, o my God, aaaaaaaaa¨. It was Ana there.

Several days later I got a message from Carorina that our friends from Aviles (Rianne and Rebeca) organize an event and need people from different countries. So, fine. I went. but when opented the door I saw Joao sitting among the others. Now it was my turn to cry ¨aaaaaaa, o my God¨.

These days made history in our friendship. Cooking together, matching football matches, remembering out times passed, canoeing on the river Sella and just celebrating each others success.

Our group of canoeing


June ended as nice as it had started. In cmu we got an invitation to an event in Galicia called ¨Inclucion social¨. It was devoted to inclusion of people with disabilities in social and cultural life. Conseyu de la mocedad d´Uvieu organizes many of these kind of events and activities and so it was invited as a guest. A group of 8 people enjoyed just perfectly. Many activites in different places, in nature and as a part of nature. It could be an example of many new undertakings.

Chantada – a real paradise on Earth

Activities took place mainly in Chantada. There you have only one idea in your brain: ¨I want to stay here¨.

A performance on the bridge

Amazing, she was just amazing. The performance was dynamic, rapidly changing and impresive. She had problems in moving (vertebra, hands, legs) but danced as many of us could not.

Lisi (my cordinador) and me

One of the activites was in a small village, in a place like from fairy tale – a small house in the trees, different types of carouseles made by houseowner, ¨moving library¨, …

Memories for all my life.